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Dr. Shen-Orr is an aeronautical engineer, graduate of the Technion (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and MIT (Sc.D.), with approx. 30 years’ experience in system design, failure investigation and safety at RAFAEL, with sabbaticals at Elscint (medical instrumentation) and Comsat (communication satellite control). 23 years ago moved over to NDS, establishing the Haifa “black team” which evolved to the kernel of the present iSTARE security evaluation team at Intel. Worked on various aspects of chip and system security, including design, physical attack and securing the supply chain. Has over 20 patents ranging from medical instrumentation to chip security design. Gives public lectures on diverse subjects, e.g. “Innovation”, “Serendipity”, “Systems Engineering in a Teapot”, “Aircraft accidents” and “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – introduction to the digital world”.

Talk Title: Physical Attacks - an Industry View

Physical attacks were once of interest only in the context of special-purpose devices e.g. Smart Cards. However, with the overall rise in security concerns, general-purpose computers are likely to be in focus too.

We’ll discuss the nature of physical attacks and their effect on the looooong process of creating a computing platform and bringing it to market.

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