Dr. Colin O'Flynn

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Short Biography

Colin O’Flynn completed a PhD from Dalhousie University in 2017. As part of this he built an open-source project (ChipWhisperer) which also formed the basis of his startup (NewAE Technology Inc) that makes tools for side-channel power analysis. He currently is with Dalhousie University as an assistant professor, continuing his research in embedded security. He lives in Halifax, NS, Canada. You can see some of his work on his (sporadically updated) blog at oflynn.com .

Talk Title: Hardware Attack Tooling

This talk will discuss several recent hardware attacks on physical devices, and concentrate on how various tooling has been used in those attacks. This includes an overview of various open-source solutions available, including several new projects targeting both side-channel power analysis and fault injection. This talk will help you move from theory to application, by having a better understanding of what tools can be immediately used by the research community. Several live demonstrations of various attacks will also be given, showing usage of the tools in various environments.

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