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Clémentine Maurice is a tenured CNRS researcher at IRISA (Rennes, France). She obtained her PhD from Telecom ParisTech in 2015 and subsequently did her postdoc at Graz University of Technology (Austria). Her research focuses on microarchitectural attacks on commodity devices.

Talk Title: Micro-Architectural Fault Attacks

A fundamental assumption in software security is that data flow and control flow are subject to legitimate and deliberate changes. Fault attacks like clock glitches, changes in supply voltage and EM pulses, challenge this assumption, thereby breaking the trust that software puts in hardware. These classical fault attacks require physical access to the device. However, Rowhammer attacks showed that local code execution is already sufficient to flip bits in DRAM without accessing them, and without any physical access to the device, by exploiting parasitic effects in DRAM. In this talk, we will present the concepts of this attack as well as the subsequent variants that include different threat models (in JavaScript or via a networked application), exploitation techniques, and countermeasures.

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